High Altitude Training- the Necessary Training for Endurance Athletes and Mountaineers

Athletes go for different types of hard training sessions which are beneficial for them both mentally and physically. They choose the high altitude training due to several other underlying benefits. In this type of training, the athletes are kept on regular exposure to the environment where the availability of oxygen is limited due to the natural phenomenon at higher altitudes.

High Altitude Training

What is high altitude training?

High altitude training is a common practice that is undergone by few endurance athletes. The training is conducted for several weeks at a preferably high altitude of over 2,400 meters, almost about 8,000 feet above the sea level. This type of training is not only undergone by the athletes, but also by climbers, mountaineers, trekkers and so on.

Effects of high altitude training

The effect of this type of training is incredible. When the athlete goes for practicing on high altitude, they must first adapt themselves with the temperature of the high altitude plains since after the human body reach around almost 2,100 meters above the sea level, the saturation of the oxyhemoglobin begins to dip.

In order to get the best high terrestrial training, one must choose the best trainer. An experienced trainer can get one prepared for the rigors that one’s body would face different challenges. The high altitude training stimulates the physiological, hormonal and metabolic responses in order to increase the body’s oxygen carrying and balancing capacity along with leading to the enhancement of the fitness level.

Artificial high altitude training

Due to the lack of high altitude location, it is not always possible for the trainers to take their trainees to such locations. So, the training centers are now coming up with the artificial high altitude training method, which is also known as altitude chamber or hypobaric chamber. This type of chamber is used during high terrestrial or aerospace training. This type of training is essential to stimulate the effects and sensation of high altitude in the human body.

Bodyology Physical Performance Solutions is one of the best physical training centers which provide high altitude training at the altitude chamber in Melbourne.


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