Various things to keep in mind before High Altitude Training

When scheduling exercise while heading out to an unfamiliar environment, one ought to likewise consider the area’s climate and height. At heights over 5,000 feet, for instance, the air is thin to the point that one may encounter sickness, a loss of appetite, lack of hydration and headache. One should not exercise as soon as arriving when visiting high altitudes. In fact, give your body at least a day to get used to the decreased air pressure. Before high altitude training one should keep various things in mind.

  • If you usually exercise at or near sea level, you should also cut back on the duration and intensity of your exercise.
  • The decreased atmospheric pressure at high altitudes also causes the sweat to evaporate faster, increasing the chance that you will become dehydrated.
  • If you experience unusually rapid heartbeat or difficult breathing while working out at high altitudes, stop exercising immediately. These are both signs that your body is having trouble coping with the thin air.

 In order to prevent dehydration, one should drink more fluids than usual, moderate the consumption of liquor and caffeine, which have a dehydrating effect, and do whatever it takes not to exercise outdoors during the hottest part of the clay.

To avoid sunburn, apply a sunscreen and wear a cap. In big cities, one should forgo exercising outdoors during morning and evening rush hours, when air pollution reaches its daily peak.

While taking up a high altitude training program, one gets all the consideration of the mentor. Along these lines, individuals also get time to discuss their fitness plans and expected results. The trainer gives directions about activities and the diet chart one needs to follow based on the body type and fitness goals.

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