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Environmental factors-like package size, portion size, a variety of food one is served, and the size of a plate can influence one’s eating more than one can imagine. There are many factors one gets fat. One is stuffed after a big restaurant dinner, then the dessert cart rolls around, and then orders the chocolate cream pastry or a superb tasteful mousse. Munching a lot of chips while checking emails, and then looks up the bag is empty. These are quite common examples faced day-to-day by the food lovers. If one wishes to lose weight, body fat test says the details about one’s health and fitness status.

Evaluate body composition

A body composition within the recommended range suggests that one has less risk of developing obesity diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. One can undergo body fat test exploring all levels of adiposity that includes serious methods, like BOD POD measurements, bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), Body mass index (BMI). Calipers help to measure skin fold thickness at various sites in the body. BOD POD helps to determine body weight and body volume. BIA is also a very important method that helps to determine that fat contains little water; most of the water present in body lies in the lean compartment. By measuring a flow of electric currents through a body, fat can be determined.

Calculation of percent body fat through any of these techniques is done with the help of a personal trainer and trained fitness professional. They not only make accurate assessments but explain to people the results and help them to keep and ensure a better healthy life.

Popular methods of body fat test

  • Hydrostatic weighing – One determines the body fat test by submerging in a specialized tank of water. As bones and muscles are denser than water, one will weigh more in water if body fat percentage is low. Again, if the percentage is higher considerably one will feel lighter in water.
  • DEXA scan-It is a very quick process, helps to determine how fat is distributed in various parts of the body with the help of body scanner with low-dose X rays. One can go for a short check-up and determine his fat level.

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Body Fat Test Shortcuts- It’s Benefits

The muscles, bones, blood vessels and even the food one consumes make up the body weight; therefore, an individual must keep a check on their body weight. When speaking about body fat test, people are confused, some know about it whereas some have not even heard of it. This blog is written with the motive to explain what body fat test is and what are the benefits of undergoing the test .

Body Fat Test

Reasons to go for body fat test:

  • Provides overall result determining the health condition
  • Extreme body percentage indicates change in the lifestyle
  • An individual is aware of the baselines and what measures are to be taken
  • One can also understand whether they are gaining weight due to fats or by adding lean body mass
  • What kinds of adjustment are to be made in the diet?

Knowing the body weight is advantageous for a person but it is enlightening too. “Health is wealth” therefore it is the basic duty of every individual to look after their fitness and the kind of food one consumes. Body fat test contributes in maintaining health by helping one in the consuming correct type of food making an adjustment in case of a high or low result.

The appearance of the body can be deceiving because every pound is not similar to each other. For example, a person looking lean in shape does not mean to have low weight or a bulky looking person will not necessarily have high weight either.

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